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Play-list for 8th June, 2000

Nature Boy - Raphael Fays (from the CD "Sans Domicile Fixe")
Mysterieuse - Csokolom (from the CD "May I Kiss Your Hand")
Mysterieuse - Romane (from the CD "Impair & Valse")
Some Of These Days - Bubblin' Toorop Trio (from the CD "Laughin in Rhythm")
Some Of These Days - Prinzo & Betzi Winterstein (from the CD "Musik Deutscher Zigeuner #7")
Bluma Und Tchirglo - Francis-Alfred Moerman (from the CD "L'Infini Voyage")
You Got To Believe - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (from the CD "Striking It Rich")
Coast To Coast - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (from the CD "Where's The Money")
My Old Timey Baby - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (from the CD "Last Train TO Hicksville")
Putting On The Ritz - Fapy Lafertin (from the CD "Swing Guitars")
Undecided - Angelo Debarre/Moreno (from the CD "Romano Baschepen")
Dui Dui - Romani (from their self-titled CD)
Dui Dui - Schnuckenack Reinhardt (from the CD "Musik Deutscher Zigeuner #4")
Dui Dui - Titi Winterstein (from the CD "Live Mit Vanessa & Sorba")
Amari Szi, Amari (Slow Version) - Csokolom (from the CD "May I Kiss Your Hand")
Amari Szi, Amari - Hora Colora (from the Cd-single "Balkan Meets Jazz")
Mangiko/Yoshke Fort Avek - Metropolitan Klezmer (from the CD "Yiddish For Travellers")
If There Is A God - George Dalaras (from the CD "Live With The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra")
Dibbuk-Chavelle - Giora Feidman (from the CD "Yiddish Soul")
Paran - John Zorn (from the double CD "Bar Kochba")
Melodie Roumaine - Arbat (from the CD "Drom Le Chemin")
Plaine, ma plaine - Terminus gare de l'est (from the CD "Cabaret tzigane")
Two Russian Tangos - Zina Pavlova (from the CD "Sing Gypsy")
Boublichki - Ian Boutouk (from an Australian budget CD Compilation!)
Vent d'est - Romane (from the Cd "Quintet")
Choubi - Bratsch (from the CD "And Guests")