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Play-list for 21 November, 2002
mixed bag

Le Chale Bleu - Les Yeux Noirs (from the CD "Band Of Gypsies")

Odessa Bulgar - Nomad's Land (from their self-titled CD)
Mazeltov Dances - Mickey Katz (from the Cd 'Simcha Time')
When You're Smiling/Sheik Of Araby - Louis Prima (from the CD "Call of The Wildest")
Medley Tzigani - Stephane Grappelli & David Grisman (from their Cd "Live")
Fuli Tschei - Titi Winterstein (from the CD "All the World's Violins")
Can I Have You, Please - Monsieur Camembert (from an unreleased SBS Radio recording)
Czardas Monti - Opus 4 (from their excellent CD "Swing De L'est)
Sie will nicht... - Rigo Winterstein (from the LP "King Of The Gypsies")
Fantasy on Dark Eyes - Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg & Assad Brothers (from their self-titled CD)
Three Minutes With The Truth - Daniel Binelli (from the CD 'Tango Sensations')
Si Tu Savais - Raphael Fays (from the CD "Jazz Hot - The Gypsy Way")
Dark Eyes - Frank Vignola & Sam Pilafian (from their CD "Travelin Light")
Hora lui Viorel - Taraf Borzo (from the CD "Musiques Tsiganes")
Improv. duet - Yuri Yunakov (from the CD "Roma Variations")
Doina/Hora - Mioritza (from the CD "Songs & Dances From Romania")
Valse A Dora - Dorado & Tchavolo Schmitt (from the CD 'Gypsy Reunion')
Mamo Na Birinav - Ida Kelarova & Romano Rat (from the CD "Gypsy Blood")