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Play-list for 28 August, 2003
The Gypsy Hot Club

Money Money Money - Tango For 3 (from their CD 'Tango?')

Saints and Dates - Koby Israelite (from his CD "Dance Of The Idiots")
Baba Ganouche Overload - Tummel (from their CD 'Oy Klezmer')
Mam'zelle Lafarge - Les Escrocs (from their CD "Six Pieds Sur Terre")
Shalom Alechem & Zemer Atik - Meshuggah Beach Party (from their CD "16 Songs of the Chosen Surfers")
Bucarest - Opa Tsupa (from their CD 'Trois Francs Six Sous')
It Don't Mean A Thing - European Swing Trio (from their CD "It Mean A Thing If It Got That Swing")
La Belle Et Le Manouche - Nany Swing Musette (from their excellent CD "De Paris Rio")
Kleine Harmonika - Musette Guitars (from the CD "Souvenir De Django")
Indifference & Tribute to Charlie Parker - Douce Ambiance (from the CD "Avec Les Amis - (Im Januar 2003)")
Youkali - Helmut Nieberle & Cordes Savages (from their CD "Gipsy in my Soul")
At The Rebbe's Table - Tim Sparks (from his CD "At The Rebbe's Table")
Lonely Tramp - Cathrin Pfeifer (from her beautiful CD "Lonely Tramp")
Sherele - Tummel (from their CD "Oy Klezmer")
Marin - Flora Thalassa (from their CD "Feux Tziganes")
Kanjarica - I am a Gypsy Woman - Gypsy Fire & Soul (from their CD "Sherri with the Balkan Romalen Ensemble")
Sing Sing Sing Torero - Opera Swing Quartet (from their CD "Mischen: Is Possible")
Shashlik - Shpilkas (from their CD "Sey Mir Gezunt")
Mentha Piperita - Di Grine Kuzine (from their CD "Funky Pukanky")
Mazltov Cocktail - Petters Freylech - Tummel (from their CD "Oy Klezmer")


All new material on the show tonight - and some fantastic new discoveries for me (such as...)

Tango For 3...fantastic Norwegian Tango group!

Koby Israelite
Musette Guitars
Cathrin Pfeifer
Tim Sparks
Opa Tsupa
European Swing Trio
Les Escrocs
Tummel...refreshingly inventive Klezmer band - love em!

I will be updating the main website very soon - and suffice to say, wii be adding all of the above links, plus lots more!

Thank you for dropping by...