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Play-list for 29 August, 2002
The Gypsy Hot Club

Muppet Theme in Hebrew - The Muppets (from MP3 file)

Abou Ben Adhem - Louis Prima (from MP3 file)
To Giora The Klezmer - Giora Feidman (from the CD "Viva El Klezmer")
Paris, Oct. 67 - La Tordue (from their CD "Les Choses De Rien")
Le Brouillard - La Tordue (from their CD "Les Choses De Rien")
Zeljeznicko Kolo - Duet Krnjevac (from MP3 file)
Delit Mineur - Patrick Saussois & Alma Sinti (from MP3 file)
Takha Tshorane - Urs Karpatz (from MP3 file)
Pasono Kolo - Aca Sisic (from MP3 file)
Nunca Tuvo Novio - Roberto Grela & Leopoldo Federico (from MP3 file)
Las Cuarenta - Adriana Varela (from MP3 file)
Clarinet Tango - Giora Feidman (from the CD "Clarinetango")
Czardas Monti - Opus 4 (from MP3 file)
Ai Romali - Arbat (from MP3 file)
Cirkus 2 - Accordion Tribe (from MP3 file)
Ciubanasul - Taraf Borzo (from MP3 file)
HCQ Strut - The Ticklers (from their demo CD)
Petite Fleur - The Ticklers (from their demo CD)
Un Placer - Roberto Grela & Anibal Troilo (from Mp3 file)
Jewish Folk Song - Giora Feidman (from the CD "Rabbi Chaim's Dance")
La Mer - Bireli Lagrene (from the CD "Gypsy Project")
Cirkus 1 - Accordion Tribe (from MP3 file)
Hora Visului Meu - Lautarii (from MP3 file)
Turceasca - Kronos Quartet & Taraf De Haidouks (from MP3 file)
Hora Medley - The Ticklers (from their excellent demo CD)
Please No Squeeza Da Banana - Louis Prima (from MP3 file)

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