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"Gilles Apap's curiosity seems boundless, & when he improvises on Gypsy themes his identification with them is simply astounding...He does not need to force or to disguise himself, Gilles Apap knows instinctively how to place a precise accent, how to modulate a link, how to refine his sonority or give it a raw edge, how to bend the the discipline of chamber music or the scholarly combinations of the grand classical style - and he does it all with equally refreshing spontaneity..."
Bruno Monsaingeon

I have only heard the self-titled Sony Classical CD pictured above (there is also a 2nd CD called "D'Ici et d'Ailleurs"), and I can heartily recommend it! Gilles plays the violin with a beautifully measured vibrato, and exquisite timing, and this album is a consistently appealing & satisfying one. Many a Gypsy standard is present (Deux Guittares, Tziganskai, Monti's Czardas, etc), as well as some beautiful surprises (Jo Privat's "Java Manouche", De Falla's "Spanish Dance No. 1 etc etc). The T.M. Boys provide subtle & clever backing: Jean-Marc Apap (his brother) truly has the sweetest Viola sound I have ever heard, and the 'rhythm section' of Chris Judge (Guitar) & Brendan Statom (Double-Bass), who manage to ride a line between reserved & maniacal throughout, is inspired & inspiring.