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In the liner-notes of 'Suite Django' - Paul Vernon Chester's 1st album - he writes: "'Suite Django' was inspired by the life & music of the great Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. This is my tribute to his genius, his art. Django is elemental now. A free spirit, a true Gypsy..." Well, I must say that as tributes go, this album is very special. Presenting 11 original compositions with sensitivity and charm, Chester has created a lyrical, just beautiful tribute to Django. Throughout, the rhythm section (Ian Cruickshank on Rhythm-Guitar; Andy Crowdy on Bass & percussion) sits underneath with beautiful subtlety & restraint. Sometimes albums (especially understated ones) convey/reflect a 'mood' that is almost tangible, and it is this 'mood' that makes the album truly special (examples that spring to mind are "Jo Privat - Manouche Party", "Tony Green - Gypsy Jazz", "Matelo Ferret - Tziganskai"). This album has such a 'mood'; and I visit it like an old friend.