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I discovered Francis Darizcuren when I found a 2nd-hand LP at a record-fair: the artist was "Dariz", and the album was called "Swing Violin & Guitar". Upon closer inspection (several months later!), I worked out that all the players pictured on the front-cover (see pic below) are actually Francis Darizcuren i.e. he plays ALL the instruments on the album (violin, lead-maccaferri, rhythm-maccaferri x2, & bass) Hey, he even writes all the tunes (though it's kinda weird hearing "All Of Me" change-for-change, being called )! I really love his guitar-playing on this album - some of my favourite guitar-solos (not lightning fast, but really thoughtful & witty).
It seems that as far as gypsy-swing goes, that album was all he made, and unfortunately it has not been released on CD, though bits of it (unsympathetically mastered - the treble is pretty intense!) are to be found on a 'co-release' (he has 8 tracks on the CD, and a gentleman by the name of Guy Boyer has 11) called "Vibes, Violin & Guitar" (Music & Media - CDMFM2037).