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In my humble opinion, Boulou Ferre is the greatest living exponent of Gypsy-guitar playing (with the possible exception of Lulu Reinhardt)....Sons of guitar-legend-patriarch "Matelot Ferret", they are part of an extraordinary dynasty of Gypsy-guitarists. The interplay between these brothers is intricate and unpredictable, demanding impossible technical virtuoisity from both. Besides "Tziganskaia" (an indispendable CD on Hot Club Records), all CD's featuring the brothers Ferre are on Steeplechase - a Danish Jazz-label. I love the fact that while many of these albums are far more be-boppy than they are gypsy, the brothers ALWAYS play their Macaferri-style guitars, which allows/ensures the gypsy-attack is ever-present. And Boulou plays with attack! Its an unrelenting, shimmering outrageously dissonant attack, full of wit & soul. The CD "Pour Django" is a must-own, for several reasons: 1) Boulou's gypsy-flavoured compostions - "Pour Django", "Svetlana", & "Michto Pelo" (perhaps the most impossibly demanding & thrilling Gypsy composition ever!!) The 3 Django pieces ("Nuages", "Douce Ambience" & Rhythm Futur") are thrilling, and surely the most 'out-there' versions you're likely to hear...Also recommended, Double-CD "Guitar Legacy" (beware of doubling-up your collection - this 2Cd set was later split up & released as 2 seperate CD's: "Confirmation"(1996) & "Nuages"(1996).