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Monsieur Camembert
Monsieur Camembert
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Famous Blue Cheese

"Yaron Hallis is the first singer to give a truly credible interpretation of a Cohen song, and an original one too..." Renaissance Man, UK Music Critic, 26/8/2003

Monsieur Camembert is delighted to present their show based on the music and poetry of iconoclastic Canadian songwriter Leonard Cohen. Drawing on Cohen material that spans some 35 years, Monsieur Camembert's entirely unique interpretations traverse styles rarely if ever associated with Cohen, including Hot Swing, free-jazz, tango, latin, klezmer etc etc. And...Monsieur Camembert have invited some of their favourite singers to be a part of the show.

Says Yaron Hallis, deviser of the show and head-cheese:

"while I hope that every Australian Cohen fan eventually get to see this show, I am particularly inspired to introduce those uninitiated in the joys of his music, to the genius of not only his lyrics, but his extraordinary ability to write one unforgettable melody after another. And above all else, prove that, rather than being morose music 'to slit your wrists by', Cohen's music can be uplifting, enlightening and sexy, often within the same song!"

Linking the songs with 'beat versions' of Cohen's remarkable poetry, the show also features audio fragments of Cohen himself, as well as archival visual footage, rare live clips, and music videos.

So what prompted Camembert to do Cohen? Hallis explains:
"for years our most requested song has been Cohen's 'Dance Me To The End Of Love', and many fans have suggested we do a whole night of Cohen. It's quite thrilling to finally take on this body of material, and be joined by singers i so greatly admire, who on the most cerebral and instinctive level, connect with and interpret his songs with such raw beauty...there are lots of Australian singers I was tempted to approach, but very few had the quality in their voice that I felt was especially suited to interpreting his music. With Cohen, absolutely every word counts, and for the material to really work, there has to be vulnerability, sensuality and complete emotional truth.""

An embryonic version of the show premiered in Sydney in September 2005 for Leonard Cohen's 71st birthday.

This was followed in 2006 with 2 sell-out shows celebrating Cohen's 72nd birthday.
Now, in April 2007, Monsieur Camembert will be recording the show live over 3 big nights at The Vanguard in Sydney...
Joining the Monsieur Camembert 9-piece group will be guest singers...
Abby Dobson, Carla Werner, Ngaiire Joseph and Elana Stone!

Thu 12th, Fri 13th & Sat 14th April

King Street, Newtown. Ph: 02 9557 7992
For tickets and booking enquiries, contact
For sound-samples etc, visit Famous Blue Cheese on Myspace
For other enquiries, please contact:
Monsieur Camembert Management
phone: 61-(0)41 333 7771


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