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Julian Curwin
Lead Guitar
Sydney born, Julian attained his Bachelor of Music at the University of NSW, majoring in jazz guitar. A multi instrumentalist: violin, trumpet, sax & oboe, Julian studied with Jeremy Sawkins, and has become an outstanding lead-guitarist. His interest in free improvisation has seen him performing with Mathew Clare, Rob Avenaim, Steve Elphick, Phil Slater, Michele Morgan, Clayton Thomas & others.
In addition to writing film scores and arranging, Julian has many side projects, including Germ Theory (experimental & improvisational music he has written and/or arranged), Defusion (live electronic ambient minimalist drum íní bass meets free jazz), Fromage a Trois (trio from Monsieur Camembert) & a collaboration with tuba and sousaphone player Sam Golding, 'The Fantastic Terrific Munkle'.
Julian has his own web-site, which one can visit by following this link.