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"The deeply emotional voice of Lida Goulesco takes us into a suite of nostalgic songs, answered by a violin that would tear your heart to pieces, in the great tradition of Russian Gipsies..." Imagine a Russian cross between Edith Piaf & Cesaria Evora! Lida's voice is just so stirring, I cannnot tire of listening to her sing. While a have not managed to get hold of her CD "Chants Folkloriques Tziganes" (with the Guyla Kokas Ensemble), I have heard (and constantly play) 3 of the tracks, which appear on "Tziganes - un parcours musical" (Arcade 3032172), an essential various artist 2CD collection, also featuring Les Yeux Noirs, Kocani Orkestar, Taraf De Haidouks etc etc, and which you can buy from 1CD4U.
Lida also sings 3 songs on Schnuckenack Reinhardt's spectacular live album "Musik Deutscher Zigeuner 3",
The following is an extract from the liner-notes, which appear in the booklet of this CD:

"Lida Goulesco was born in 1917 in Petrograd. As her father - the famous Gypsy violinist Jean Goulesco - had been a soloist in the service of the Tsar for 15 years, the Goulesco family were obliged to leave Russia on the outbreak of the Revolution. Via Constantinople, they went to Paris, where the great stream of emigrants from the east created a new means of livelihood for this family of musicians. Everywhere in Paris at that time, Russian restaurants were opened, in which prominent Gypsy musicians such as Jean Goulesco, Valia Dimitrievitch , or Volodia Poliakof, were soon occupied again in familiar surroundings. These emigrant circles were the milieu in which Lida grew up. With her vital musicality, she effortlessly learnt to sing and dance from an early age. She was 17 years old when the proprietor of one of the most elegant Russian restaurants, the "Poisson d'Or", noticed her powerful, expressive voice. Her 1st appearance was an unqualified success, and Lida became known in Paris as a masterly interpreter of Russian Gypsy songs & ballads. International engagements followed; she was as enthusiastically received in New York as in Rome or London. Lida Goulesco 1st met the musicians of the Schnuckenack Reinhardt Quintett at a festival of Gypsy music on the Cote d'Azur in the summer of 1969. Their joint appearance was an unforgettable experience for both artists and audience. The desire to develop this musical friendship led Lida Goulesco to join them in May 1970 for a 10-day tour of South German towns, which was an overwhelming success for all concerned..."

(continued in the liner-notes of "Musik Deustcher Zigeuner 3")