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Monsieur Camembert

Monsieur Camembert's

This Friday (15/2 at 7.10pm, & then again on Sunday 17/2 at 4.05pm),

ABCís Radio National features the 2nd half of...
Monsieur Camembertís Live On Stage broadcast
Tune in to hear some of the tunes that didnít make it onto the latest CD!
The frequencies around the country are:
Adelaide 729AM | Brisbane 792AM | Canberra 846AM | Darwin 657AM | Gold Coast 90.1FM
Hobart 585AM | Melbourne 621AM | Newcastle 1512AM | Perth 810AM | Sydney 576AM

Monsieur Camembert is performing on Sunday 17th February at La Bar.

Also, watch out for the cheese at The Clarendon in Katoomba on Saturday 23rd February,
and La Bar on 1st March.