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Fromage a Trois

Fromage a Trois

Photo by Corrie Ancone


Fromage a Trois is now a quartet!!!
Think Los Cuatro Quesos or Les Quatre Fromages, I Quattro Formaggi or Τα τέσσερα τυριά

The Fromage A Trois Quartet aka The Monsieur Camembert Quartet aka MCQ is...

Yaron Hallis – Voice, Rhythm Guitar

Edouard Bronson - Accordion, Sax & Clarinet
Paul Bulanyi - Lead Guitar
Mark Szeto – Double Bass

Other players featured in Fromage A Trois lineups include...

Julian Curwin – Lead Classical Guitar

Svetlana Bunic – Accordion
Vladimir Khusid - trumpet
Peter Hollo - 'Cello
Shenton Gregory - violin
Anatoli Torjinski – 'Cello



For bookings and other enquiries, please contact:
phone: 61 (0)41 333 7771(mob)

Photo by Corrie Ancone
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