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Wedeli is both a violinist & guitarist. While he is exceptionally gifted on both instruments, he seems to play mostly violin, with stints in the " Mike Reinhard Sextett" & "Hot club Da Sinti". He has toured with Bireli Lagrene, and in 1990 was the first German musician to receive a standing ovation at the annual 'Django Reinhardt Festival' in 'Samois'. In his new quartet, which features long-time Titi Winterstein bass-player Peter Gropp, as well as Wedeli's son Sascha on rhythm-guitar, Wedeli performs a combination of Django Evergreens, modern jazz standards, Musette Walzes, as well as traditional Hungarian-gypsy pieces. The one CD I have heard (and know of) called "My Melancholy Baby", which features Wedeli on violin, as well as some blistering lead-guitar (his "Valse Pour Paris" is as wonderful and as fast as any of the best gypsy-waltzes out there, and he wrote it!). Its quite a piano-laden album, and while only half the album has a 'hot-club-feel', it features some other wonderful Wedeli-originals, including "Sinto Swing", "Silvestra", and Bijalo Gili".