High Rotation

April 2003

Silvana Deluigi - Yo!

(American Clave Label)
Unbelievably exquisite album, my favourite so far in 2003! Everything producer/composer Kip Hanrahan touches turns to gold. Absolutely essential album for lovers of tangos, and for the tangos of lovers. Features members of Piazzolla's final touring lineup, plus sublime musicians such as Steve Swallow and Renaud Garcia-Fons!

Monsieur Camembert - Absynthe

(MGM Distribution Australia)
Well what can I say, I'm pretty excited about this - our 1st studio album, and despite playing it to death, am pleased to say I'm not sick of it (and its not grating me)!! Perhaps its a little narcissistic of me, but I just can't stop listening to it!